Skin Nourishing Oil

Skin Nourishing Oil that Glows

The Skin nourishing oil you should look for in the ingredients list of your Serum, Moisturizer, and Cleanser, that gives you that Ultimate Glow!

Apricot oil has very good repair abilities and good nourishing and emollient qualities.  It softens and moisturises the skin, as well as enhance s the elasticity of the skin.

Jojoba oil closely resembles the sebum of the skin and is rich in nutrients like vitamin E and B, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that work together to help repair damaged skin cells, fight premature ageing and provide long lasting moisture for the skin. It penetrates easily into the skin and is well suited for all skin types but particularly sensitive oily and combination skin.

Macadamia oil is high in monounsaturated fatty acids and palmitoleic acid (which promotes soft skin) as well as 3 & 6 fatty acids. It is a highly nourishing oil for dry sensitive and ageing skin. This non pore – clogging and non irritating oil is well known for its components that combine with the skin lipids to condition and nourish, leaving skin smooth and soft, providing a protective barrier against moisture loss.

Rosehip oil is the only carrier oil that naturally contain tretinoin which helps to repair damaged skin and scars, alleviate acne and reduce wrinkles.

Argan oil  is renowned for its ability to moisturise, nourish, and promote skin elasticity. It’s rich in omega 3 & 6 vitamin E, essential fatty acids, triterpenoids (skin healing properties) and polyphenols ( inflammation reduction) Argan oil provides powerful conditioning and strengthening benefits to dehydrate, regenerate and restore dry skin by increasing the nutrient content of skin cells. Also great for skin healing healing, inflammation reduction and anti-aging properties.

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