Effect of Covid-19 on Nigeria Women Entrepreneurs.

Effect of Covid-19 on Nigeria Women Entrepreneurs.

It is an understatement to say that women entrepreneurs are the most badly impacted by the world pandemic Covid19.

Especially women in low and medium income country like Nigeria, who their businesses fall under micro, small and medium categories.
It is needless to say that whatever affects women will have impacts not only on her family but the entire society.

Some women are not only battling with their businesses, they are equally struggling mentally as the thoughts of how to support their families in this uncertain time keep flooding their mind.

In order to support these women, our organisation Ileoge Women’s Initiative has rapidly gone into partnership with a food company RichLife Africa on Project Save The Hungry, a campaign to distribute 20 million meals to them and their families.

Again the enormous need for women entrepreneurs, who have developed skills and confidence through our programmes, to be invested in and supported financially not only in order to progress their businesses but because they create such important impacts for others.

Women’s incredible capacity to handle pressure, adapt and innovate as always been appreciated and supported by one of our major pillars, Cherie Blair foundation for women who care enough to listen to our cry https://cherieblairfoundation.org/covid-19-womens-voices-2/ and responds to us
with awesome supports through their various programs like business mentoring, webinars, and trainings to empower us and keep us moving forward.

Our women support platform Ileoge Women’s Initiative is committed to the entire growth of women, as we understand that success is directly proportional to one’s mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

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